Bloodborne could land on PS5 and PC with a remaster subtitled Hunters Edition

Bloodborne could land on PS5 and PC with a remaster subtitled Hunters Edition , according to the latest rumors about it that have sprung up in the past few hours on 4chan.

This is information to be taken with a grain of salt , needless to underline it, but which adds to the rumors that have already been circulating for some time about the possible arrival of Bloodborne on PS5 and PC with a technically improved edition compared to the original for PlayStation 4 .

According to what was reported by the self-styled leaker Demonite, the remaster of the From Software title should not include new scenarios, but extended versions of settings such as Cainhurst Castle and Cathedral Ward.

Also according to this information, Bloodborne: Hunters Edition will offer some new weapons to equip on both hands of the Hunter:

  • Cosmic Revolver (left hand)
  • Impact Rifle – Double Barrel Shotgun (left hand)
  • The Great One’s Touch (left hand)
  • Cainhurts Flail (right hand)
  • Coldblood Coil (right hand)
  • Kos Placenta (right hand)

That’s not all: the leaker claims that the PlayStation 5 version of the game will boast two different graphics modes : the first at native 4K with ray tracing on shadows and 30 fps, the second at 1440p with lower quality ray tracing on shadows and 60 fps. .

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