Bloodborne, mod activates the first person view and the result is amazing

Bloodborne can be played with a first-person view thanks to a mod that substantially transforms the experience of the From Software action RPG.

The result is surprising: after the Bloodborne PS1 demake , this new project keeps faith with the technical and artistic characteristics of the game, only showing them from a different and no less fascinating perspective.

Of course, in terms of gameplay, the practicality of this solution is to be verified since it modifies the spaces and timing of each single attack maneuver, which is not really a detail for a product like Bloodborne.

The implications of this mod are numerous, as is its potential. It could for example serve as the basis for a VR conversion of the game, and is also compatible with Bloodborne’s 60fps mod .

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In short, around the title of From Software there continues to be a great deal of attention and it is absurd that to date neither the Japanese development team nor Sony have yet announced a return of the franchise. We hope that the situation changes quickly.


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