Bloodborne with a secret passage. The player unlocked the door 7 years after the premiere

Bloodborne is full of secrets that are eagerly discovered by new players. Lance McDonald already in 2018 showed where the door behind the first boss leads – the creators never finished work on the additional location, so the area was closed as a last resort. However, we could be sure that the authors planned to use this place to create an additional shortcut, and Garden of Eyes not only discovered the final destination of the location, but most of all took care of completing the work on the area.

After defeating the Cleric Beast, there is a door that allows you to go from Central Yharnam to the Cathedral Ward. The author not only had to unblock the area, but also modified the files and improved the location detection.

This is how Garden of Eyes commented on his case during an interview with Eurogamer:

“I used some of the leftover resources to bring back the shortcut doors in the retail version of the game, which required modifying collisions, map files and scripts to make sure the regions were loading properly …”

Lance McDonald spoke on the subject again, who said that the shortcut may have been removed in the final phase of the game because the loading times were too long. Garden of Eyes also announced that it will soon release a patch, allowing players to check out the additional transition for themselves – unfortunately, as with the 60fps update, an unlocked version of the PS4 is required in this case.

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