Bungie: Destiny writers hire for a multiplayer action game

Bungie , software house author of Destiny and creator of the Halo saga, is hiring new talents for its next ambitious project. The company has already specified that it wants to publish a new IP by 2025 but has never officially expressed itself on the nature of the next title that will carry its signature.

As usually happens in these cases, however, we are able to get some little information in advance thanks to the job advertisements that Bungie recently posted online. Apparently the studio is said to be looking for a new Sandbox Designer who can offer his contribution to the creation of a multiplayer action game .

“Is your mission to create games that unite players in highly engaged communities?” , reads the announcement. “Do you spend your time thinking about how different mechanics can blend together to create incredible team play moments? Are you excited to learn how to create gameplay that takes players’ intentions and feel of action into consideration?” .

In addition to answering these questions in the affirmative, the candidate must also have gained experience in the field of gaming, and in particular must have already worked on action games strongly centered on the characters and in the field of competitive gaming and eSports .

Impossible to make detailed predictions at the moment, but it seems that Bungie does not want to deviate from the play structure that supports the world of Destiny. Surely it will be an ambitious project: the studio has even opened a new office recently to continue working on Destiny and to develop its new IPs. And what do you expect in the future of Bungie?

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