Call of Duty Warzone does not work on PC: players report crashes

Call of Duty Vanguard, the next chapter in the COD series, will connect with Call of Duty Warzone after its release, offering some new features. For the moment, though, players are having fun with Season 5. At least, those who manage to connect to the game. According to new player reports, Call of Duty Warzone does not work on PC .

Through Reddit, as you can see below, a player reports that Call of Duty Warzone is not working on PC and reports an error code : “0x00000000141aff7ee 10022829 0xc0000005”. The game crashes and cannot be played. Even after I reinstalled the game, updated the drivers, scanned for potential problems, nothing changed. For the moment there are already some answers from other users who confirm that they are suffering the same problem.

One user also states “Virtually everyone is having this problem. The game is unplayable at this point.” He also claims that the problem became regular after the Season 5 update. For the moment, however, it’s hard to really understand how broad the problem is and what its origin is. Tell us, is this happening to you too?

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