The video game developer and publisher Capcom announced that it had consolidated financial results for the third quarter of the fiscal year. Net sales figures were a total of 64,867 million (22.6% more year over year), on the other hand, operating income resulted in 24,382 million yen (23.2% more than last year).

In addition, they confirm that ordinary income has been close to that figure, with 24.088 million yen (an increase of 28.8%). There is yet another figure which is the net profit from all this, which is attributed to the owners of the parent company; in this case Capcom. This was 17,523 million yen, representing an increase of 34.1% over the previous year.

This quarter, digital content was profitable with sales growth for Resident Evil 3  and other titles to further the sales strategy. In addition, Monster Hunter World helped an increase in teams that gave an increase at all levels, this makes them consolidate as a prosperous business for the current fiscal year ended on March 31, 2021.

Resident Evil 3 for consoles and PC released in April 2020 had solid sales and Monster Hunter World helped that prosper even more from the previous year. Revenues from licenses for the use of main IPs also helped this benefit, and although Capcom was forced to temporarily close its stores and offices due to the coronavirus pandemic, but after the lifting of the Japanese state of emergency last year, and the reopening it was possible to partially return to normality.

The total number of stores increased to 41 during that period, followed by the opening of Capcom Store Osaka, the 2nd of its kind in Japan. In parks, demand was weak again due to COVID-19 and the suspension of operations, although it managed to recover slightly.

In other businesses, the company focused on promoting film adaptations and merchandise sales of its brands, including the Monster Hunter movie  – released in December – starting in theaters outside of Japan. In eSports, Capcom continued to expand users at part-time, as part of its strategy it will make several direct of Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2020, scheduled for January 2021.