Capcom is going to focus on the PC as the main platform

Capcom is going to focus on the PC as the main platform

The Japanese company is clear about the platform on which it wants to bet in the near future

Capcom is one of the video game development companies that has always been present and that has quite mythical franchises such as Street Fighter, Resident Evil or Monster Hunter . Although I personally do not agree with the policy of DLC’s that are in hand, it must be recognized that their titles have always been cutting-edge and have been able to improve the failures of previous deliveries.

Their great games have always had console and PC players, but now the Japanese have decided to focus on the personal computer as their preferred platform for the development and sale of new video games, although they will not neglect consoles, Haruhiro Tsujimoto , director of The company’s operations made these statements: ” The PC is leading global sales. We recently announced that we will make the PC our main platform ” referring to Monster Hunter and Resident Evil . “Next year, or maybe the following year, we want to equalize sales on PC and consoles, ” he continued explaining to Nikkei.

This change in direction is due to the fact that, as explained by Kotaku , the company has experienced great growth in the PC market, especially during the pandemic, where Japan has experienced a great boom in sales of compatible computer software. Capcom has made a show of power at the Tokyo Game Show with the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise , which will enjoy a demo on this platform on October 13 with voice chat, 4K resolution and support for panoramic screens. As for the launch of this hyper vitaminized version of this title, it will be on January 13, 2022 when it lands on the hard drives of your computers.

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