Christopher Judge (Kratos in God Of War 2018) is voicing Black Panther in Marvel’s Avengers Wakanda expansion

The creators of Marvel’s Avengers are trying to return the game to the right track and the situation is to improve the expansion entitled “War for Wakanda” . It is this expansion that will introduce Black Panther to the game and let players know its story.

Choosing the right actor to speak with T’Challa’s voice was certainly a big challenge for the developers – as we know Chadwick Boseman is dead, and additionally Crystal Dynamics at least currently employs other actors for its position. It will be no different in the case of Black Panther, but here the developers faced a difficult task due to the situation with the actor.

The studio chose Christopher Judge, the “new Kratos” , who in 2018 captivated players by repeatedly pronouncing “boy”.

Christopher Judge does not hide, however, that he initially turned down the role of T’Challa because he was afraid of comparisons:

“Quite frankly, I was afraid of being compared to what Chadwick did so well. The only way I could face it was not to even try to adjust my voice, let my performance be on its own. I put everything into it and I hope people like it. “

Evan Narcisse, the writer behind “Rise of the Black Panther” from Marvel Comics, was involved in the development of the DLC and emphasized that the game will provide many surprises for fans. Crystal Dynamics has placed the events at a time when Black Panther is already a seasoned king, which will allow us to look at this character from a different angle.

The situation is very interesting, however, as it turns out that War for Wakanda will offer a gigantic campaign:

War for Wakanda adds a new single player campaign that will last over 25 hours. There will be new enemies (including the two main villains), what McLeod calls a “solid cast of Wakandans” (like Dora Milaje and the wizard Zawavari), locations (like Shuri’s Lab and the Wakandan War Room), as well as new missions for the Drop Zone and Hazard Sector “.

[Update # 1]

Keano Raubun (game writer) commented on the news from the EW editorial office, who confirmed that the 25-hour campaign was a mistake. This is how long the whole game should last (stand + expansion pack).

This is what Christopher Judge looks like in the game:

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