Civilization 7 might be in development

According to a new job announcement Firaxis Games could be working on Civilization 7 , which is not surprising given the success of the series, renewed with the sixth episode and its various expansions.

Firaxis is looking for a Narrative Lead who will join the firm to develop ” our next AAA strategy ” and who has some ” knowledge and passion for world history ” as an additional requirement. It is this last detail that makes us think of Civilization 7.

Of course, it could be a new intellectual property , but it is a rarer possibility than that of the arrival of a new chapter of the strongest franchise among those in the hands of Sid Meier’s studio. After all, Civilization 6 dates back to 2016, so enough time has passed to give it a sequel.

Of course, take everything with due caution. Civilization 7 will arrive sooner or later, there is no doubt about it, but we wait until the official announcement to sing victory. In the meantime, replay the previous Civilizations, which are still worth your time.

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