Coalition helping with Halo Infinite, Also working on new Gears game and a new IP

By all it is known that Microsoft has very ambitious plans regarding the development of video games on the part of its internal studies. One of the great pillars of Xbox Game Studios in recent years has been The Coalition, the studio that has taken over the Gears of Wars saga in the last two numbered installments. Now it has been known that The Coalition would be working on Gears 6 and a new IP. At least that’s how VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb has dropped it in a recent video where he has made public the information available to him at the moment.

The first thing Grubb commented is something that has been known for some time: that

Gears studio The Coalition is busy, they are working on Halo… they are helping with Halo Infinite. That is one of the big projects that Coalition is contributing to in a major way, Coalition is also of course making the next Gears game…. But the Coalition is also working on a third thing and it likely is a new IP. Now, I’ve heard rumours that it could be a Star Wars thing from out of the Coalition. But I haven’t been able to confirm that and these are rumours that have been kicked around a few different places…. Whether that comes out before the next Gears I don’t know.

This is something new, because since its founding The Coalition has been solely and exclusively focused on the Gears saga. Even when they have deviated from the traditional formula it has been to give birth to Gears Tactics, also from the same franchise. Now, however, Jeff Grubb believes that the third project in discord could be something related to Star Wars, but the journalist has not yet managed to confirm it, so we must take this information as a rumor. It only remains to wait for the development of events to see how everything ends up.

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