Crusader Kings 3 on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One ranked in Taiwan

Last year,  Crusader Kings 3 for the PC version received 91% ratings , and many journalists and players described the game as a hit. And no wonder – as the leader of a medieval dynasty, we will undertake to expand our influence by taking part in captivating intrigues and experiencing sudden twists of action. A few months ago, the  developers announced a large, story expansion , but it seems more and more likely that Paradox Interactive has not forgotten about the console edition of the game.

The Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee included Crusader Kings 3 in the Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One versions in its database.  The lack of an edition on PlayStation 4 is somewhat astonishing, but it seems very likely that a special release will still be announced.

Let us remind you that Crusader Kings 3 has been available in the Xbox Game Pass since its premiere, will the console edition also go to the Microsoft service catalog? Undoubtedly, it would be a significant strengthening of the subscription library, thanks to which new players would become interested in the strategy set in the medieval realities.

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