Cyberpunk 2077 loses 79% of PC gamers on Steam after almost a month: three times faster than the Witcher 3

The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 has not been the desired one for CD Projekt RED due to the problems that the game has had in the form of bugs. Although from the Polish studio he is working hard to solve the problems and offer the best experience. The fact is that, even so, the adventures starring V have considerably decreased their number of players, at least on Steam.

That reflects the data they emit from Githyp, which indicates that the game has lost 79% of its players since its launch on Steam. Of the million users that there were in the first days, now there are barely more than 220,000 enjoying Cyberpunk 2077. According to these data, the game has lost recurring users three times faster than The Witcher 3 did, the previous game of the company.

A trend that is not common in open-world games, since thanks to their tasks and side missions, they usually have players regularly for several weeks. Cyberpunk 2077 is thus entering the average of single player experiences focused on narrative, which does tend to considerably reduce its level of users one month after its launch. Another criticism that the game is receiving is that it is lacking in content, although, in reality, there are several endings and different ways to explore the entire plot.

In any case, CD Projekt has already stated on more than one occasion that they have in mind the publication of post-launch content that expands and improves the experience, with free DLC and the inclusion of a multiplayer mode that will arrive later than expected; at least until the most serious technical problems are fixed.

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