“Daemon X Machina” sequel officially announced by game producer Kenichiro Tsukuda

The details are very scarce and everything indicates that the wait to be able to enjoy this new work will last for several years from now.

It’s been a while since Daemon X Machina , the new action video game with anime aesthetics for PC and Nintendo Switch from the prestigious Japanese developer Marvelous, hit the market . This work has managed to win over millions of players and that is why it has earned a hard time having a sequel that gives continuity to the franchise. And precisely today it has become official that, indeed, there will be a sequel.

Daemon X Machina already has a sequel in development

  • It has been in a live on the occasion of the second anniversary of Daemon X Machina where the news has been given.
  • Kenichiro Tsukuda , producer of the video game, has confirmed that the team is already working on a sequel to Daemon X Machina .
  • Little details have been given and it appears that the game is in a very early stage of development.
  • The team behind the work is motivated by this new installment but it will take a while until it is shown to the world, it was explained.
  • The ad has been very succinct, with no trailers, logos, or even a title .
  • It is expected that it will take several years to know in great detail this supposed Daemon X Machina 2.

For now, there is nothing left but to arm ourselves with patience for the long wait we have ahead of us in the face of Daemon X Machina 2 (or whatever the official title that the work has afterwards). Luckily, we still have the original Daemon X Machina fresh and, if you are a subscriber of Nintendo Switch Online , you can play the work totally free this week. 


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