Days Gone: A mod makes hordes more complex, with over 670 zombies on screen

A fun mod created by Aigmir for the PC version of Days Gone made the hordes more complex and spectacular. To do this he has considerably increasing the number of zombies that it is possible to have at the same time on the screen, up to a maximum of 670 undead.

The basic version of the game, in fact, shows 50 to 500 zombies at the same time. During the “hordes” the protagonist of Days Gone is faced with a large number of zombies at the same time, which move like real angry swarms. This gives rise to spectacular and challenging fights, in which to alternate great escapes with mass kills. If you can kill an undead, of course.

The Aigmir mod raises this number considerably, causing the hordes to consist of a minimum of 280 zombies, up to a maximum of 670. This mod does not simply increase the number of zombies present around Oregon, but it does to the tiers decided by Bend Studio, so as not to influence the progression of the difficulty level decided by the studio.

There are 6 tiers:

  • Tier 0 (Little Bear Lake) 200.
  • Tier 1. (Cascade Region) 280 (horde boss – 320) Grotto Caves Horde
  • Tier 2 360. (Belknap Region) (horde boss – 400) Patjens Lakes Horde
  • Tier 3. (Lost Lake Region) 440 (boss horde – 480) Metolius Lava Cave Horde
  • Tier 4. (Highway 97 Region) 520 (boss horde – 580) Lobert Draw Ridge Horde
  • Tier 5. (Crater Lake Region) 600 (horde boss – 670) Mt. Bailey Horde

To download the mod, just follow the instructions that you can find at this address .


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