Days Gone authors Bend Studio working on a new open-world IP for PlayStation

Bend Studio has a relatively difficult track record on PlayStation: since the days of PS Vita, its only production has been Days Gone; And although the majority of games of that profile work very well for Sony, the future of this IP is uncertain because the higher echelons of the company rejected a sequel and those responsible are looking for support to continue it. However, the knowledge gained during development will help the American studio in its next project, even if it is not linked to Deacon St. John.

In a lengthy post on the PlayStation blog, President Hermen Hulst guarantees the continuity of Bend Studio by officially mentioning that they are working on a new IP – which is also the first time Sony has talked about it, if memory serves – by providing clues about what it will offer, without going into details. “The new IPs are incredibly important to us,” says the executive.

“Bend Studio is working on a very exciting new IP that they are very, very passionate about. They are building [content] from the deep open world systems they created for Days Gone. I am very happy for Bend Studio” concludes Hulst. Although it is important news, the truth is that something of the style was already coming, because the most attentive users had already discovered job offers that pointed to a new blockbuster. It goes without saying that nothing has been provided regarding dates or names.

The same publication states that PlayStation is currently working on the development of 25 games , and half of them are new IP.

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