Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone are hits on PC, Sony will invest in a multi-platform strategy

Within its financial report, Sony also talked about its strategies for the future, even outside the PlayStation platform. The investments of the last few years, in fact, have brought excellent dividends, with the PC versions of Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone which have become successes both from an editorial and commercial point of view. For this reason, the Japanese giant said it will continue to invest in a multi-platform strategy in the future .

“In July we announced the acquisition of Nixxes , a Dutch software development company that has excellent technology for converting games to different platforms, such as the PC. We expect Nixxes to support all of our studies on a horizontal basis.” , the report reads.

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“In addition, we want to proactively continue to make strategic investments to develop new IPs, support our multi-platform strategy and strengthen our service offering, including those offered through add-ons.”

Days Gone
Days Gone

This means, as Benji-Sales points out , that Sony will bring more and more PlayStation Studios games to PC (and mobile, we add) in the future.

But it also means that, of course, Sony will also continue its strategy of strengthening internal IPs, thanks to which to push the sales of its consoles, increasingly the engine of growth in recent months .



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