Dead Space Remake bigger than the original. The game will contain elements cut from the original version

The announcement of Dead Space Remake was the biggest surprise at the recent Electronic Arts conference. Although some activities related to the brand had been discussed for some time, no one knew until the very end what the new project should actually be. Now we know that we will get a decent refreshment, which is to provide an incomparably great atmosphere and a brilliant atmosphere.

More and more reports about the game itself appear from day to day. Now there is another detail that emerged during an interview given to IGN by director Roman Campos-Oriola. According to his words, the creators intend not only to refresh what was in Dead Space from 2008 , but also to add the previously removed content there!

We started with the original level design from the original Dead Space. What’s funny, though, is that we can now use some versions of the map that were implemented before the game’s premiere. In the first chapter, for example, you can see some corridor options that were later reworked by technical constraints.

Interestingly, the game will also feature some improvements in terms of mechanics – ideas that worked well in the sequels, but could also work well in the first part :

There are some improvements we want to make to the story. Well, not necessarily improvements as those items only came later. And when we saw them, we thought, “Gosh, it would be interesting if we could relate to it or connect it somehow.”

I must admit that the plans sound really good and you can immediately see that the EA Motive team has an idea for the game itself. You get the impression that they intend to treat the original with great respect, and at the same time make it possible today – after 12 years – to still give a lot of fun to new players. Comparisons to Resident Evil 2 (2019) seem most appropriate .

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