Dead Space Remake will include accessibility options, absent in the original game

In an interview with IGN, the creative director of Dead Space Remake – Roman Campos-Oriola – talked about the “new” game from EA Motive and all the new features that will be introduced. Among other things, there has also been talk of the fact that there will be room for new accessibility options that were not present in the original game.

Roman Campos-Oriola said: “Another very important thing for us, which wasn’t there 12 years ago … are all those different options or ways to play the game, if you need them. All these elements of accessibility. will surely be something important to us in terms of opening the Dead Space experience to a larger group of people who haven’t necessarily had the opportunity or been able to play the game when it came out. “

The term accessibility options refers to a series of functions to modify the game visually and soundly, for example by changing the colors or the display mode to help those with impaired vision. However, it also means a series of options to modify the gameplay, changing the power of the enemies or the resistance of the character (functions in the past linked only to the “difficulty level”). For now, however, we don’t know what specific features will be included in Dead Space Remake.

A great example of a game with great accessibility options is The Last of Us Part 2 . For example, a blind gamer was moved by the many accessibility options .

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