Death Stranding 2 in plans! Norman Reedus reveals the negotiations to return to the role of Sam Porter

According to actor Norman Reedus, Death Stranding 2 is very likely and is already being negotiated between Kojima Productions and Sony.

Death Stranding 2 is very likely and is already being negotiated between Sony and Kojima Productions, according to what actor Norman Reedus said to the microphones of AdoroCinema, a Brazilian site related to IGN Brazil.

Reedus: ” I think we’ll do a second Death Stranding. The game is under negotiation. So, yes! “

Death Stranding 2 was only a marginal topic of the interview, released for the launch of the eleventh season of The Walking Dead . According to some, Reedus may have even been wrong and referred to Death Stranding: Director’s Cut , even if this seems unlikely to us, since otherwise he would not have brought up any negotiations whatsoever.

Also in the same interview, Reedus compared his two most famous characters, namely Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead and Sam Porter Bridges of Death Stranding, pleasantly wondering which of the two would win a marathon: the first, who spent years walking for a planet in the throes of the zombie apocalypse, or the latter, specializing in parcel delivery. Well, according to him, Sam would win, because he has the suit and the exoskeleton. Also Daryl is in Georgia, where it is very hot.

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