Death Stranding: Director’s Cut will not arrive on PS4 or PC, according to their age rating

Just a few days ago, during E3 , Hideo Kojima announced to the world Death Stranding: Director’s Cut , a reissue of his popular PS4 video game with some new additions. The trailer with which this project was announced did not give too many details about it, but it hinted at new areas, mechanics (inspired by Metal Gear , thus unleashing rumors of a possible remake) and the initial details of its launch, including an exclusivity with PS5 . And now the American age rating system , the ESRB, has reaffirmed this: Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is exclusive to PS5.

New content aims to stay out of PS4 and PC

It has been the official page of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut in the ESRB system that has left us with the total confirmation that this reissue of the video game will not reach PS4 or PC , but will be exclusive to the Sony console again generation. The ESRB has listed Death Stranding: Director’s Cut as a completely new video game, so it seems that Sony’s strategy will be to sell it as a separate product with new features such as stealth mechanics and not as a simple improved version.

With this, it seems that PS4 players will not only not have access to the content of this new version, but most likely they will not have access to a free update to the PS5 version either . Regarding PC players , everything indicates that they are in a similar situation and their video game will not be updated to include the new content.

Although the information comes from a reliable source, such as the ESRB, we will have to wait for Sony to give more specific details of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut to be able to confirm that, indeed, only PS5 players will have access to the news that nicluya. We will have to be attentive to know both this and the release date, which is a secret for now.

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