Death Stranding Director’s Cut: Kojima has decided to redo the launch trailer

As you well know, Hideo Kojima has been struggling for a few days with the assembly of the launch trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut , which will in all probability be shown during Gamescom 2021. However, it seems that the game designer is not fully satisfied with the result and decided to remake part of the video.

Below is the message that the creator of the game starring Sam Porter Bridges shared on Twitter:

“The launch trailer for DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR ‘S CUT is in the process of being replaced, using PS4 footage and editing it to match the sound, and re-recording it in PS5 wide mode to get a closer look at the movement. Walking scenes can be taken almost as close as possible. But scenes involving enemies are very difficult. Let’s get some help from Letts(one of my staff). “

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It is not clear if this operation was already foreseen by the game designer, who will find himself having to play with the new version of his latest project to recreate all the scenes he had previously inserted in the launch trailer, which used images of the PlayStation 4 edition.


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