Death’s Door: Nintendo Switch version is in high demand, developers comment

Acid Nerve has recently released Death’s Door , a dungeon-crawling adventure and action game. The game was successful, despite being released “only” on PC and Xbox consoles. Fans would also like it on other platforms, primarily Nintendo Switch . Let’s see the authors’ comment .

Acid Nerve’s Mark Foster said: “Death’s Door has always been an Xbox [console] exclusive , it was the plan from the start. It looks like gamers are interested in buying a game in 2021, which is a welcome surprise. . ” He then stated: “There are no plans we can announce at the moment [ed. Regarding other platforms], but a Nintendo Switch version is a very popular request for developers nowadays.”

Death's Door

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For the moment, therefore, no versions are planned for other consoles or in any case the team cannot announce anything about it, perhaps also due to an exclusivity agreement with Microsoft. For the moment, in any case, the development team can rejoice in the results of Death’s Door: the work has in fact exceeded 100,000 players in less than a week.

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