Destroy All Humans! 2 Remake Seemingly Teased in New Trailer

Despite its limitations and average experience, it seems that the remake of Destroy All Humans! it had good results in the market and this would have justified the remake of the second part. This due to a curious irruption that took place in the recent trailer for the first installment, which seems to scream that Destroy All Humans! 2 will be back.


Recently, the remake of Destroy All Humans! was offered at a discount on Steam and as part of the promotional campaign to boost sales on that platform, a new trailer was released. During the first part you can sequences of what is the remake of this first game with an alien invasion theme and everything happens with setbacks.

However, at the end of the trailer and while Crypto-137 looks powerful and armed, Crypto-138, the protagonist of Destroy All Humans! 2 , who annoyingly tells the alien clone: ​​”What weren’t you finished yet, 137?”. This in reference to Crypto-137 being replaced by the next clone for the second game.

The emergence of Crypto-138 has been taken as the first notice of the possible remake of Destroy All Humans! 2 , a game that debuted in 2006 for PS2 and Xbox. Likewise, the hype for a remake of the second installment was hinted by Martin Kreuch, producer of Destroy All Humans! , who revealed to IGN : “We can’t explain to ourselves who that other Furon clone is either. We contacted every intelligence agency we know of and asked for support: Majestic, the KGB, that guy with a tin foil hat outside from our office screaming into a phone booth every day. However, we believe there is something, and we may have more information to share soon. “

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