Diablo Creator David Brevik Won’t Support Diablo 2 Resurrected After Controversy At Blizzard

One of the main developers of Diablo and Diablo 2 will not support the latest Blizzard production. David Brevik admitted that he does not plan to check or promote the title, which is developed by the developers of the American studio.

Blizzard is actively promoting Diablo 2 Resurrected, presenting new trailers – at the beginning of the week we knew the barbarian in action , and  today the sorceress boasted about her powers . However, recent controversies and disclosed events that took place in the ranks of the company for many years mean that the image of the company is not very good.

Blizzard faces allegations  of sexual harassment from the state of California . A direct consequence of the disclosed practices were significant reshuffles in the team, including J. Allen Brack (Blizzard boss) resigned . A lot of fuel to the fire is added by the fact that in the past month  further accusations were made of destroying documents and “interfering with the investigation . 

The described situation may have contributed to the fact that David Brevik not going to play, to stream or in any way promote the impending refresh of Diablo 2. Bearing in mind that it is precisely the developer is considered to be one of the four creators of the Diablo series, which occupies a Diablo’s lead developer and senior designer, and was the director of Diablo 2, this strong statement seems to be strong in the message.

It should also be added that Brevik has not been associated with Blizzard since 2003, and he did not end the cooperation with the studio in friendly conditions.

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