Diablo 2’s second expansion was designed but never produced, dev confirms

Diablo II’s development history is still full of mysteries that the community has tried to uncover over the years. Little by little more details about the important Blizzard title come to light, which marked an entire era and millions of players.

David Brevik, creator of the franchise, recently revealed something that excited and disappointed players alike: Blizzard planned a second expansion for the sequel, but it was never produced and therefore canceled.

The creative gave some information about said content, planned for after Lord of Destruction , the only expansion that Diablo II officially received . He also talked about his work on an initial version of Diablo III.


Brevik answered some questions from fans of the franchise this weekend, including one related to a second expansion for Diablo II . The creative confirmed that his team worked on more content for the sequel, but that it never went into production.

The developer explained that he had a design document with pages full of details for new character classes, map areas, more mechanics and concepts to expand the story of the title.

Brevik revealed that the project did not come to fruition for several reasons. One of them was his next outing from Blizzard. The creative left the company a few months after completing an important part of the project.

“It was before patch 1.10 (in terms of the timeline). We were also working on our version of Diablo III at the time, as well as another unannounced project, “the creative explained.


Players were struck by the version of Diablo III Brevik talked about, so they questioned him about his concept. The developer assured that his project would have been very different from what we all know now as the third part of the saga.

Brevik assured that he recovered several of the concepts for Marvel Heroes . So, his version of Diablo III was going to mix action mechanics, RPG and elements of an MMO, in that it was going to be played by many people at the same time.

The creative said that his concept for Diablo III was scrapped as many of the Blizzard North members left the company at the time.

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