Diablo 4 is back: brings with it a new class, the rogue

At BlizzConline , Blizzard shared news about Diablo IV, one of its most anticipated games. What caught the attention of many is that it confirmed that a classic Diablo character class will return in this installment.

It is about the Rogue class, which in the Hispanic world is better known as Harpía. These are warriors who are masters of ranged combat and can use a varied arsenal that they take advantage of with their great dexterity.

In Diablo IV, Rogue is designed to be a highly customizable class. That is, they want you to be able to design your character with the characteristics in which you want him to stand out. Of course, always maintaining the central essence of its class. As you can imagine, we will also learn more about what happened to this class in the world of Diablo .

To announce Rogue, Blizzard shared a dark and cool cinematic trailer. You can check it below

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