Diablo II Resurrected will arrive with many of the changes requested by fans

The long-awaited remake of one of the best games of all time is very close to its launch. Diablo II Resurrected has been a title in high demand by gamers around the world since the remake / remastering boom began years ago. This fact has not been overlooked in the offices of Blizzard who always had in mind to resurrect the second installment of the franchise.

In this sense, as you all know, we have a release date , some gameplays and platforms in which Diablo II Resurrected will arrive, but today we also know a very significant aspect of this remake. And it is that, from Blizzard, the opinion of the players and fans of the saga has been taken into account in order to contribute their wishes in this renewed delivery. Many fans of the series participated in the Technical Alpha of the game and the developers have affirmed that all the experiences and suggestions of the players will have a lot of weight in the final result of the game.

Changes in art design

As it is, there will be some changes in the design of the art , the images , the quality of life and the accessibility of the game . Blizzard assured that: ‘ great care has been taken to advance the images of monsters, heroes, objects and spells, preserving the familiar aesthetics of the original ‘. Additionally, the mana and health animations now align better with the presentation of the balloons, and the colors of the elements have been amplified to bring out the brightest colors, draw more attention to focus points, and add clarity to the image.

Changes in quality of life

Many quality of life changes will be added after the technical alpha , and many of them focus on accessibility such as automatic gold pickup, large font modes, UI scaling (for PC gamers). ) and gamma / contrast settings to improve readability. To top it off, the Shared Stash will now have three tabs instead of one , the Compare Tooltip can now be turned on or off, the Automap will have new assets to improve readability, and there will now be a single Map option with three settings – Left Mini Map, Right Mini Map, and Center Full Screen – To help eliminate confusion.

Various updates

There are a ton of other changes and additions to be made in Diablo II Resurrected , including the highly requested Clock feature that will allow you to see the time in-game . Characters will also not appear in a hostile location until the game is fully loaded and the team has removed the additional growls and howls that were initially added.

We remind you that the release date of Diablo II Resurrected is now set for next September 23 of this year 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch.

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