Diablo IV will be the game in the series with the most customization options

Diablo IV is still a long time away , but unlike other companies, Blizzard has continually shown the progress it is making on the project. Well, the creative team has just shared a new update that shows why Diablo IV will be the best game in the series in terms of visuals and customization.

Through the most recent development update, the studio shared more details on the character art of Diablo IV , as well as what it intends to achieve with its brand new game engine.


The study set out to achieve the visuals of the prereleased sequences of Diablo III in Diablo IV , but running in real time. There were no impediments, but it was known that it would be a tough challenge.

First, Blizzard had to completely rebuild its rendering engine and other tools, requiring a dedicated team of engineers, lighting and surface experts, and so on. The goal was to make the Diablo IV characters look as artistic and handcrafted as possible using the latest tools and techniques available.

Thus, it was possible to improve the level of detail, the surface of materials and textures, which will benefit the appearance of hair, fur, metal, etc. As a result, the game will also show the cinematic scenes rendered within the game engine and not pre-rendered, as in previous titles. Proof of this was the Rogue class reveal trailer at BlizzConline .

Also, a surprising level of detail was promised, which you can check in the image that we share below of Lilith (in the gallery), which runs in the game engine of Diablo IV . That level of detail will be the standard by which important NPCs, classes and monsters will be presented in the game, according to Blizzard.



Blizzard confirmed that the new installment of the series will be the one that will offer the most customization options, which will make your avatar different from any other player, as it will offer a lot of customization options for the 5 initial classes of the game, like build, armor and more.

Something that this system will include is the Wardrobe, with which players can change the appearance of their character thanks to the combination of hundreds of armor elements, as well as their color. Additionally, players will be able to customize the face, hairstyle, eyebrows, beards, earrings, piercings, makeup, face paint, tattoos, and the color of eyes, hair, skin and marks on their character’s body.

One thing you should know is that Blizzard always considers the gameplay and vision of the game when designing Diablo IV characters , so you can expect that the character elements will not make reading difficult, but instead ensures that everything will be clear from distances. long (isometric camera), but the detail will be there when the camera zooms in.

Here are some videos showing the new Diablo IV engine in action. It was noted that this is a work in progress (so there could be some differences in the final version of the game); however, it was assured that it is a “very good representation” of the final version.

Later in the year Blizzard is expected to share more details about the sound and mechanics section of the end of the main story or endgame.

What do you think of what Diablo IV looks like ? Are you interested in this project? Tell us in the comments.

Diablo IV is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but has no release date yet.



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