Dinos Reborn: Your struggle for survival will begin in 2022

Historically, dinosaurs have fascinated people around the world and shaped their imaginations. Whether through cinema or video games for example, human hope has often asked the question: how could we survive in a wild and hostile world populated by these titans of ancient times? Along those lines, Studio Wildcard has already experimented with the genre of prehistoric open-world survival game in first person view with ARK: Survival Evolved and the upcoming ARK II , with Vin Diesel as a guest star. Yesterday, it is the turn of the Polish publishing house Vision Edge Entertainment to present us the project of the very young studio HardCodeWay: Dinos Reborn.

The trailer broadcast presents us in broad outline the basis of the events that we will live there. Thus, we will play a space traveler who, knowing a problem with his module, crashes on an unknown wild planet, seeming to have been forgotten by time . Once he has regained his senses, the protagonist observes around him and sees only lush tropical vegetation and… prehistoric animals. Indeed, these vast lands are inhabited by dinosaurs! Obviously, some are quite peaceful, at least on the surface, while others, particularly fierce and dangerous, will only be meant to make you their next snack. Without resources and without material, you will have to find something to equip and adapt if you want to be able to survive in this hostile world. Hunting or being hunted, such is the challenge that we will have to take up if we want to make it out alive.

To survive, you will need to explore these wild environments in order to collect whatever nature can bring to your advantage , whether it is food to feed you, materials to equip yourself and make weapons, shelter and defenses. , but also medicinal plants to be able to cure all kinds of infections. Indeed, this prehistoric ecosystem is not very friendly and conceals many dangers and traps that you will have to avoid at all costs. In addition, dynamic weather particularly unstable will not make your job any easier, far from it, exposing you to, particularly difficult conditions. Starting from scratch, you are going to have to learn to cope in the most basic way possible, through experience. Indeed, as announced by the developers, no skill tree in Dinos Reborn. Like Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey by Panache Digital Games, it is learning that will allow you to acquire new tips and practices, as well as consulting books and notes. Likewise, during your many prehistoric escapades, you will sometimes come across curious modern installations straight out of an episode of Jurassic Park. Maybe there you will find information about where you are or who you are and what are you doing there?

For now, all we know about Dinos Reborn is that the HardCodeWay game is targeting a release scheduled for 2022 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox without further details on the launch window, nor on the consoles concerned.

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