DOOM Eternal is getting a single player horde mode instead of the free Invasion mode

DOOM Eternal became one of the best first-person shooter games in recent years thanks to excellent gameplay that fans of the FPS genre loved. Today the title has a large user base that enjoys all the expansions and post-launch content subsequently released by id Software , such as the version optimized for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S , but there is a promise that the studio will not be able to comply.

Some time ago the developer promised to include a completely free Invasion mode for DOOM Eternal , news that excited the players. However, this afternoon from id Software they shared a statement in which they announced that due to various consequences of the pandemic that they could not foresee, they will redirect their focus on Invasion mode towards the creation of a new horde mode for a player .

Those responsible for the game hope that with this change, players can enjoy a greater diversity and level of challenge during their games of DOOM Eternal, as they are older, they confirm that they are also working on a twist of BATTLEMODE , the multiplayer aspect of their work . The changes to include will help to make the structure in this way more focused on the competitive , and will be accompanied by a new map and numerous adjustments to the gameplay .

With this message, it seems clear that the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the workflow of leading studios such as id Software . Finally, it should be noted that QuakeCon 2021 will take place next August, a digital event in which more details will be shared about all the news that will come to DOOM Eternal.

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