Dragon Age Origins could have had multiplayer and dungeon master modes

Daniel Fedor, lead technical artist of Dragon Age Origins , has revealed new information on the role-playing game of BioWare, also talking about the fact that the game could have included multiplayer and a dungeon-master mode .

Speaking to TheGamer for “Oral History of Dragon Age: Origins”, Fedor talked about what might have happened if the team didn’t switch development engines in the middle of creating the game. “Around the time I joined BioWare in 2004, Dragon Age was being demonstrated at E3 using a prototype built in NeverWinter Nights. I was on a separate project, the Technical Architecture Group (TAG), working on a next-gen engine. for BioWare games. Not long after, the Dragon Age and TAG teams merged, and work began on rebuilding DA in the TAG engine. I can’t help but think that this took us back a long way weather”.

The NeverWinter Nights engine gave the development team access to a number of features, such as multiplayer and dungeon master modes. The new engine , on the other hand, made it difficult to insert them. Fedor therefore states that he always wonders what would have happened had it not been for the change.

“There were a number of well-tested things the NWN engine did that we missed, like multiplayer and dungeon-master modes . And seeing what CD Projekt Red did with the NWN engine in The Witcher was really inspiring. . Would Dragon Age Origins come out sooner? Would it support multiplayer? Could we have reworked the rendering in the NWN engine to meet the needs of the time? It’s easy to ask these questions now, in hindsight. But I’m sure these are back then. they were really hard decisions to make. “


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