Dragon Quest 12 will have more action, ex-Capcom’s HexaDrive team involved

Dragon Quest 12 could tend more to the action RPG style, considering the active presence of the HexaDrive team, formed by some ex-Capcom.

Dragon Quest 12 could tend more towards action than what has been seen so far in the historic series, based on information on the developers employed by Square Enix who refer to action RPG-style gameplay, perhaps different from the typical structure of the series, with the direct involvement of the HeaxaDrive team , made up of some former Capcoms .

The presence of HexaDrive within the staff engaged on Dragon Quest 12 is confirmed by the team itself, through a tweet reported by 4Gamer. It is a large studio with 125 employees and based in Osaka. The team was founded by some ex-Capcoms , most notably Matsushita Masakazu, the team’s CEO and former developer of Power Stone 2 on Dreamcast, Devil May Cry 3 on PS2 and Lost Planet on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Also at work is director Saitou Yasuyuki , who has previously been noted on Sengoku Basara, Devil May Cry and Steel Battalion. HexaDrive was founded in 2007 and has previously collaborated with Square Enix on The 3rd Birthday for PSP and the development of Final Fantasy XV.

These are still particularly vague clues , also because Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate is such a large project that it involves numerous other developers within Square Enix in addition to the HexaDrive team, but there is no doubt that most of the subjects involved have great experience in the field of action.

For the rest, we still do not have much information on Dragon Quest 12, announced by Square Enix with a teaser trailer on the occasion of the livestream on the 35th anniversary of the series but without many details about it, beyond the fact that it will use the Unreal Engine 5 and that the story is practically ready.

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