Dying Light 2 returns from the dead, promising news next week

The funny thing about zombies is that when you think they are already dead, they always get back up. In the case of Dying Light 2, this year without news about the game did not bode well. Especially if we take into account that the few news that came out were about internal problems with their development. But zombies should never be left for dead, and Techland has just confirmed on social media that we will have news about the game next week.

Make sure to join us next Wednesday –Techland

“We have a few words to share with you about the development process for Dying Light 2. Make sure to join us next Wednesday,” says the official Dying Light 2 Twitter account, which redirects to the game’s Discord channel for those who want to follow the news of the game to the minute. From his words, it is understood that next week’s appointment will be focused on talking about the state of development of the game, which has been a matter of concern for his fans during the last year.

Likewise, it seems difficult for us to see a new trailer for the game, let’s not talk about specifying a release date, although there is always the possibility that Techland will take the opportunity to set a new approximate launch window for the title. Recall that Dying Light 2 was going to hit stores in the spring of 2020, but the game was indefinitely delayed at the beginning of that year and continues without a range of dates for its arrival.

Since its delay, the project has suffered numerous significant casualties, from Chris Avellone’s departure amid allegations of sexism, to the most recent departure of another Dying Light 2 writer for personal reasons. On the other hand, a recent report, based on company sources, speaks of a leadership problem and creative chaos within Techland, which could be the source of these delays. In any case, next Wednesday we will clear up doubts about the status of Dying Light 2.


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