Dying Light 2 Supports 4K & Ray Tracing Modes On PS5 & Xbox Series X

Dying Light 2 was not dead, he was partying After a somewhat turbulent 2020 for Techland and its project, the Polish studio last month offered an update on the status of the project where they stated that Dying Light 2 will go on sale in 2021 . Or, at least, that’s your current forecast. And with the project better channeled, as well as the promise of greater transparency, its managers have granted an interview to WCCFTech where they confirm, among other things, that Dying Light 2 will have three performance modes in the new generation consoles.

When Dying Light 2 hits stores, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 players will have three different graphics options for the adventure. As stated by Tomasz Szalkowski, director of graphic rendering of the project: “Our plan is to make you have the choice between Quality (includes raytracing) , Performance (+60 FPS), and 4K. As we continue to work hard on the performance of the game, no I can give more details right now. We try to make the most of the new generation [consoles]. “

Therefore, it seems that there will be a mode focused on resolution, another on the fluidity of the image, and a last one that seeks the best graphic quality with the use of raytracing. A range of modes that little by little becomes the standard for next-gen games, with Techland’s promise that they will make good use of the hardware of these machines. As part of the interview, the team also talked about the size of the world of Dying Light 2. Some of you will remember that, by 2018, there was talk that his world will be 4 times greater than that of Dying Light.

Dying Light 2 will have a world 4 times larger than its predecessor

And this has not changed in the least during its development. ” The size has not been reduced “, states programmer Lukasz Burdka: “The estimate that the DL2 map will be 4 times larger than the original game is the most accurate estimate we can give. The Dying Light 2 map is a lot more vertical , and offers many more opportunities for exploration, so the city feels even bigger than it is. ” This comes from a question from WCCFTech, who wanted to know if the size of the map had posed a technical challenge for the study.

“It is not the technology that limits the size of the map,” says Burdka. “What limits the size of the map is the time it takes to fill it with unique playable challenges, memorable stories, and exciting exploration opportunities.” Therefore, it is seen that Techland fully relies on the capabilities of its engine to bring a more open, more varied and larger world to life in this sequel.


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