Dying Light 2 will receive nearly 200 weapons. Techland talks about the fight

Techland postponed the premiere of Dying Light 2, but the developers do not forget to promote the game. Today we can check out the new material from the Dying 2 Know MORE series that focuses on weapons. The game features a lot of different equipment for killing enemies.

We have to wait for Dying Light 2 until next year , but the promotion of the game is still ongoing. Techland did not invite players to the big episode of Dying 2 Know this time, but we got some additional details about the weapons.

The film featured Szymon Strauss, the game’s producer, who had the opportunity to talk about the equipment from the latest Techland adventure. In Dying Light 2 we will not be able to use modern guns, because even in the case of weapons, the developers focus on showing the “Modern Middle Ages” – the place of action will have a significant impact on what tools we can use.

“The world has changed, so have guns. The first Dying Light featured simple knives and wrenches – typical of the post-apocalyptic world. Like everything, they have worn out. So after 20 years you can still find these high-end weapons, but they are either very expensive or very difficult to find. People are starting to build things from scraps and other materials on the fly. “

The developer suggested that players should always have more than one weapon with them, because this can always break and it will be necessary to use an additional weapon. Players will even be able to modify their gear to properly target certain types of enemies.

On the material you will see a few shots from the game, but we have to wait for more gameplay.

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