Dying Light 2: parkour, fights and much more in the Gamescom 2021 event

Dying Light 2: Stay Human will be the protagonist of a new presentation during Gamescom 2021 , and Techland has announced the date and time of the event: it will take place on August 26 at 20.00, Italian time.

After the trailer dedicated to the monsters of Dying Light 2: Stay Human , this new appointment with the development team will serve to explain how to deal with these enemies, thus going to deepen the combat system of the game.

Not only that: as announced by lead designer Tymon Smektala in the teaser below, the new episode of Dying 2 Know will also shed light on the novelties of parkour , namely the acrobatic movement technique that will allow us to move quickly within the scenarios.

Parkour is a key element of Dying Light 2 Stay Human and this episode will detail how to use it creatively to enhance the style of play and enhance the movement system, so advanced and realistic, of the world of Dying Light 2, and how to add complex combat parkour moves.

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, players will discover how to use Aiden’s mighty hands and legs as weapons, plus they will be presented with an incredible arsenal of deadly tools to survive against the infected and other people.

This episode will reveal what were the sources of inspiration for the weapons available in the game, will present the numbers related to the parkour and combat modes in Dying Light 2 and will explain the faction system in more detail.

The new episode of Dying 2 Know gamescom Edition will allow you to better understand the differences in combat against infected and humans, providing more details on the combat system, so creative and engaging.

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Techland will reveal more details regarding TechlandGG (Gamers and Goodies) and the upcoming UGC cosplay contest. TechlandGG is an expanding community that connects players and allows them to discover all Techland titles, starting with Dying Light and Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Last but not least, the presentation of Dying Light 2: Stay Human at Gamescom 2021 will be embellished with a new gameplay trailer . In short, if you wait for the game with trepidation you can’t miss it.
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