Yesterday was a busy day for fans of Elden Ring, the highly anticipated new FromSoftware game featuring Hidetaka Miyazaky and George RR Martin. After more than a year without news since it was announced at E3 2019, several leaked videos came to light in which Elden Ring gameplay can be seen, although with a rather poor video quality. Several members of the industry, including journalist Jason Schreier, have confirmed that the leaked belongs to Elden Ring.

After so long without news, these leaks have made FromSoftware fans regain their Humanity (at least momentarily), but they are also causing something that is unfortunately very common in these cases: confusion and hasty judgments.

Luckily, Omnipotent, a regular user of the Resetera forum who has already proven to have information on Elden Ring in the past, has clarified several points about what happened and, incidentally, has offered some details about some of the things that are seen in the material filtered out.

” This leak belongs to a WIP trailer for internal use only, similar to the Project Beast leak. I know it has been circulating on” insider channels “for at least a week, maybe even longer. If it finally leaks in full, I recommend that you remember that some things have changed since then “.

From here we can extract a couple of interesting things: first, that the leaked material is a trailer that is used to show a rough idea of ​​the game concept between the members of FromSoftware and Bandai Namco. That is, if you can see animations or even attacks (like the Homing Soulmass spell ) that seem taken from Dark Souls, it is because they are probably taken directly from Dark Souls. This kind of concept trailers, made with existing materials, are very common in the early stages of video game development.

In fact, the comparison with the Project Beast trailer is very good: it is worth rewatching the leaked gameplay of the game that would eventually become Bloodborne to remember that its initial appearance was not very promising.

This brings us to the next point: this trailer was not intended to be revealed to the public. Rumors have circulated that we might have Elden Ring news at the end of March, and many people are taking for granted that this is this same leaked trailer. However, it is quite likely that what is shown has little or nothing to do with the filtered material.

Now, and despite being looking at filtered images of a “very green” version of Elden Ring, there are several quite striking details that the Omnipotent itself has detailed. For example, surely the most savvy of you will have noticed that you can see the main character jumping with what seems like a dedicated action. Omnipotent explains that there is indeed a dedicated jump button on the Elden Ring, but as far as he knows it is only used for scrolling (so no jump attacks).

Another aspect that can be seen in the trailer is the use of stealth. According to Omnipotent, Elden Ring has a system similar to that of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, being able to crouch down to perform assassinations from behind. The most interesting thing is that there is also a visibility system, which is affected by factors such as the time of day or the weather (at night and if there is fog, it will be more difficult for them to detect us). He insists that the day/night cycle and the weather of the Elden Ring are very important for the gameplay, affecting the sensations that an area transmits depending on the time of day or the behavior of the enemies.

He also points out that From is very aware of the comparisons with Dark Souls, and that they are not trying to avoid them because, after all, Elden Ring could be considered a spiritual successor to Dark Souls, in the same way that it was to Demon’s Souls. He assures, yes, that Elden Ring will present more changes and novelties than those that were appreciated in the jump from DeS to DS.

Finally, the user also assures that he has heard from different sources that we will soon have news from Elden Ring, although there does not seem to be a date set yet. It remains to be seen if these leaks affect the plans of FromSoftware and Bandai Namco in any way.