Elden Ring could expand beyond video games to reach the cinema, comics or similar

Would you like a comic or TV series about Elden Ring ? Don’t get high hopes for the idea just yet, but it wouldn’t be entirely fair to rule out a possibility like that either. Following the gameplay trailer with the release date of FromSoftware’s long-awaited action RPG, Bandai Namco shares their ideas for the IP .

In the words of President Yasuo Miyakawa, Elden Ring will appear “in a variety of other areas” implying that it is a label open to transmedia possibilities ; keeping the video game as the central axis for any form of evolution: the idea is “to bring the atmosphere and charisma of this title to our friends around the world.”

Take this information with great caution, because as indicated in Game Rant, these words could have been lost or misinterpreted between translations. It is not at all unusual for something like this to happen in Japanese-origin releases, and the safest thing to do is assume that there will be no transmedia material from Elden Ring until it is announced as such.

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