Elden Ring Co-Op Will Be Much Easier to Initiate, Says From Software

Apparently the cooperative mode of Elden Ring can be played with much fewer restrictions than previous productions by From Software.

Elden Ring will include a cooperative mode in which up to two players can join our game and help us get through certain sections. Compared to the past, this feature will have far fewer restrictions , however.

If you have read our article with all the information on Elden Ring from Gamescom 2021 , you will know that the title developed by From Software introduces several new features compared to the action RPGs to which the Japanese team has accustomed us.

Among these there is precisely a more accessible and easier co-op to start, which thus becomes a resource to be able to draw on during moments of greatest difficulty, when we really need a hand.

“If you get stuck, your last chance will be to ask for cooperative help,” reads the Gamereactor article. “Up to two allies will be able to join the team to conquer Lands Between together, explore underground dungeons in search of hidden treasures or assist you in the next boss fight.”

“Just like in the other From Software titles, bosses will have more stamina when other players join your game. According to the authors, however, the restrictions for online modes have been drastically reduced, so as to allow users to try this feature more easily. “

“In the past it was necessary to collect rare consumable items in order to be able to connect to the online mode, but in Elden Ring this should be easier and will also take into account the resources obtained asynchronously.”


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