ELEX II announced by THQ Nordic: the Action / RPG is shown in an adrenaline-filled trailer

THQ Nordic has officially announced the development of ELEX II , the second chapter of the Action / RPG series signed by Piranha Bytes and started in 2017, through an adrenaline- fueled cinematic trailer . The new title will arrive on PC , PlayStation 5 , PlayStation 4 , Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One .

Although there is no release date at the end of the movie, leaving room for a simple “coming soon”, the ELEX II Steam page reports a generic 2021 as the release period. in the meantime we already have a taste of the game’s plot: set several years after the facts of the progenitor, ELEX II once again sees Jax as the protagonist , who will once again have to reunite the peoples of the planet Magalan to face the threat of the Skyanids, eager to take control of it and upset it forever.

The authors promise an even larger and more explorable game world with even more massive freedom than in the past. There will be the opportunity to interact with numerous secondary characters , and all our choices and actions can have consequences on the continuation of the story and our relations with the NPCs. Finally, the combat system will be enhanced above all thanks to a new control system that is more fluid and which will allow for a more dynamic action.

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