“The art is incredible”, Elon Musk talks about his experience with ELDEN RING

“The art is incredible”, Elon Musk talks about his experience with ELDEN RING

Tesla’s director is playing FromSoftware’s magnum opus

Today more than ever, video games are very popular among celebrities from music, movies and technology. In that sense, Elon Musk , CEO of Tesla, manages to talk about gaming on social networks whenever he has the opportunity, which is why he recently talked about his experience with ELDEN RING , FromSoftware’s masterpiece .


In response to a question from a user on Twitter, the businessman and programmer from South Africa confessed that he had already had the opportunity to play the open world title a bit and announced that he plans to continue his adventure in The Lands Between. Despite playing with a keyboard and mouse, which he says is a suboptimal setup, he explains that he was able to get by thanks to key remapping.

Regarding the experience in general, Elon Musk did not hesitate to praise the art and the story of ELDEN RING , although he confesses between laughs that he does not understand very well what happens in the narrative. He was also pleased with the non-linear design of the adventure, which does not take the player by the hand.

Since their debut at the end of February, ELDEN RING has done nothing but achieve success. Not only did it manage to become one of the highest rated video games on Metacritic , but it also broke records on Steam and Twitch . For the same reason, it is not surprising that the Tesla businessman is one of the 12 million people who already enjoy this title.


The philanthropist continued with his gaming talk and explains that, at the moment, his favorite video game is precisely ELDEN RING . On the other hand, he confesses that he already finished Halo Infinite ‘s campaign on legendary difficulty, which was no easy task.

Elon Musk also praised the Terminator: Resistance shooter , explaining that for him it is an “underrated” experience. He also claims that ” Cyberpunk is brilliant,” possibly referring to the controversial CD game Project RED. Lastly, he explains that he plays “hardcore” titles to relax and clear his mind, which is no doubt quite a curious thing.

“Some people use meditation or yoga to calm their mind at the end of the day, but hardcore video games work better for me,” explains the Tesla entrepreneur.

But tell us, do you agree with Elon Musk’s claims? Let us read you in the comments.

ELDEN RING is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. 

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