‘Endwalker’ Expansion For ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Takes Players To The Moon


Square Enix promised to release more details on Final Fantasy XIV . The company complied and just revealed a ton of information about the game, which is not only coming to PlayStation 5 soon , but is also getting a new expansion this year.

The Japanese company reported in its broadcast focused on Final Fantasy XIV that the new expansion of the game will be Endwalker and that it will mark the arrival of version 6.0, which is scheduled to launch next fall.

Since the latest expansion for the game, Shadowbringers, debuted in the summer of 2019 and taking into account that these add-ons are released every 2 years, Square Enix was expected to soon reveal the 4th expansion, which today we know will be Endwalker and that its release was delayed a few months due to the pandemic.


The most interesting thing about Endwalker is that it will bring the culmination of the Hydaelyn and Zodiark story arc, which began with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn . This however, does not mean that Final Fantasy XIV is going to end soon or that Naoki Yoshida is going to say goodbye to the project.

Another novelty is the inclusion of 2 new professions, one for support and one for attack. Only the first was revealed, Sage, who will use magic to help allies in battle and will use aether modules called Nouliths. Alphinaud, one of the characters in the game will become Sage in the new expansion. To be able to use the benefits of this profession, it will be necessary to buy the Endwalker expansion and be level 70 or higher. Another novelty is that the maximum level will increase to 90.

The next expansion will also feature the city Radz-At-Han, which will be located within the Thavnair region. The Garlemald region was also revealed. In Endwalker players will also find never-before-seen tribes, challenges, dungeons. One of the biggest challenges will be the new Pandemonium raid, which will have an original story. Endwalker will also bring the Lunar Whale as a new mount and Rydia, Edge and Rosa will arrive as Minions.

Additionally, Endwalker will include the Island Sanctuary, a region that will provide a casual experience in which it will be possible to raise animals, cultivate the land and more activities. Some health upgrades include removing the belts and adjusting the scale for damage numbers, health and so on. This will be done so that the figures are not so long. It does not mean, however, that Square Enix will increase or decrease the damage done or received, but that it will only be an adjustment in scale.

We leave you with a fantastic cinematic trailer that shows that the battle between the warriors of light and darkness will take players to the Moon at some point.

You can watch the full presentation focused on Final Fantasy XIV below.

What do you think of the news of the new expansion? Are you excited for a specific one? Tell us in the comments.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 4, PC and will soon arrive on PlayStation 5.

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