Far Cry 6 will allow you to control the iconic Vaas and other villains from previous installments in expansions

After starring in a great presentation weeks ago leaving the first gameplay and numerous details such as the release date, Far Cry 6 has reappeared at E3 . Which is one of Ubisoft’s big bets for this 2021 has been one of the highlights of the Ubisoft Forward that the gala company has issued on the occasion of E3, leaving us with a spectacular narrative trailer and one of the great surprises of the event : we will be able to control different villains of the franchise through expansions .

Control villains from previous installments, including Vaas

The appearance of Far Cry 6 at E3 has left us with additional details. As leaked a few hours ago, the Ubisoft video game will have a season pass or ‘season pass’ that will include a total of three expansions (paid) that have delighted fans.

These expansions will allow you to completely change the roles of previous installments and control the villains of previous installments. The Far Cry 6 expansions will allow us to put ourselves in the shoes of Vaas, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed to experience completely new stories from a new perspective. All these stories, moreover, will be made entirely in the Far Cry 6 engine to make these classic villains look better than ever.

You can see the trailer with which this peculiar series of expansions has been presented to the world, available together in a season pass.

Ubisoft has confirmed to the world that the new installment of  Far Cry  will finally be available in 2021.  It will be on October 7 when Far Cry will arrive on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S  as one of the releases of the year .

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