FF XVI State of Play and release date and Kingdom Hearts Spinoff DELAYED

New informations about the next plan of Square Enix.

I got this info from a Marketing Division 2 of Osaka and El Segundo.

Final Fantasy XVI will have a new gameplay trailer in the next Sony’s State Of Play scheduled for the end of this month. (Actually the marketing division is currently waiting for more concrete news)

Square Enix will share (with a partnership with Sony) this game:


– For Spoken

– FF Origin

– And a new trailer for Marvel Avengers and Guardian Of Galaxy

Actually the company is totally into development of FF XVI and FF VII-II, and Yoshida won’t share news before september, but Sony insisted to have material for the next state Of Play.

The trailer will focus on the new gameplay mechanics (Absorbing the dominant and use a form (like KH III) and the effect of spells on certain enemies. The trailer show the real enemy of the story The Dhalmekian Republic, these last have a big secret with Mother Crystal and Bahamut.

Joshua is the the core of the Kingdom wars, he got the power of Phoenix and the kingdom wants that power for immortality.

Square Enix will share the release window: Q4 2022

For Kingdom Hearts Spinoff (Project Oath) i’ve heard that the release date is delayed for COVID, actually the release window is Q3 2022. The focus of this game is the introduction of Yozora and the Ancient Keyblade Legacy. This is the last spin off before to release Kingdom Hearts IV (TBA).

Actually i heard a little trailer in develompent but Square Enix hasn’t decided the event. (Maybe State Of Play of this month or Square Enix presents in september).

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