Final Fantasy 7 Remake Director Praises The Last of Us Part 2’s Diversity

The creators of The Last of Us may introduce The Last of Us Remake or The Last of Us 2 Director’s Cut to the world in the coming days , but we can also be sure that Naughty Dog has already started work on a new title . We still don’t know what direction the team took, but one thing is for sure – the game is headed for PlayStation 5.

Motomu Toriyama, one of the directors of Final Fantasy VII Remake, spoke about the studio’s latest production, who did not hide that Naughty Dog did not disappoint – in his opinion, “The Last of Us 2 did its job in terms of diversity.”

During the conversation with the journalist The Gamer, the Japanese emphasized that Ellie’s latest adventure is “a great game that set a benchmark for the industry.” An important topic for Motomu Toriyama was the presentation of diversity and the inclusion in the history of LGBTQ + people:

“I think expressing diversity by including LGBTQ + people is an important issue for everyone involved in content creation, not just game designers. In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, we rebuilt the original game with the latest technology, but we felt it shouldn’t stop on the technical side, and we needed to refresh the story content presented in line with a modern sensibility. “

As you know, Final Fantasy VII Remake also had significant changes that were widely commented on by players – in this case the developers decided to refresh the Honey Bee Inn sequence.

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