Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 Will Be Directed by Naoki Hamaguchi; Tetsuya Nomura Still Involved

Tetsuya Nomura, the Lead Director of last year’s immensely successful Final Fantasy VII Remake, will not take up the same role in its sequel.

Nomura made this known in an interview with Famitsu where he talked about the upcoming releases in the Final Fantasy VII universe. You can read more about it through Twitter user @aitaikimochi‘s English translation of the interview.

“Today, we announced three Final Fantasy VII titles, but as I mentioned earlier, I’m personally working on more projects now than ever before.

Since we were able to solidify the base gameplay in the first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake and are able to see what we need to improve upon in the future, Naoki Hamaguchi (co-director on Final Fantasy VII Remake) will be entrusted as the director on the next part, while I’ll be involved as the creative director on all things Final Fantasy VII, including the Remake and mobile titles.

My basic involvement in the work won’t significantly change, so please give me your continued support.”

According to Nomura, he will not be reprising his role due to his involvement in many other projects. However, he will still be part of the Remake team. For future Final Fantasy VII titles and Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade, Nomura will serve as the Creative Director instead. The Lead Director for the aforementioned title is Naoki Hamaguchi. Hamaguchi served as the co-director of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Not only is Tetsuya Nomura one of the most important figures in bringing the Final Fantasy series to where it is today, but he is also the creator of the Kingdom Hearts series. It is likely that we can see more Kingdom Hearts titles or even new games altogether.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade is coming out on 10th June 2021 for PS5. Those who own the first Remake title can upgrade their PS4 version to the PS5 version for free.

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