Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 Will Have ‘A Very Different Setting’

Final Fantasy VII Remake was a golden opportunity for all those ‘not so veterans’ to live one of the most famous experiences in the entire history of video games. Yes, it was partially and waiting for the continuation, but still it does not mean that it was special. Precisely, today a series of details have emerged about part 2 of Final Fantasy VII Remake that is worth reviewing .

Final Fantasy VII Remake will rely much more on nature for its part 2

Then I leave you with the tweet of aitaikimochi , who at the time translated a series of details about one of the last interviews of the Square Enix sequel:

The most interesting of the comments, which highlight things like that the development is going great or that part 2 will start from the point where Intergrade leaves it, comes from the section of the change of atmosphere . After all, in the first part everything is clearly industrial, with factories, buildings, vehicles … well, everything that represents a city of the style that is Midgar.

But going into more detail, it seems that in this case nature will play a much more persistent role:

” For now what I can reveal is that Cloud will run among a lot of nature. The atmosphere will be very different from part 1, so I think people will like it very much .” In this sense, it should be noted that the environments that we will visit in this part 2 have not been specified, but what seems clear is that the industrial component of Midgar will remain much more in the background.

Ultimately, I will remember that those who have played Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade can expect that many of the gameplay updates that were introduced in this final version will also reach Part 2 .

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