Final Fantasy XVI Producer Names Ghost of Tsushima Most Impressive Game of 2020

2020 left us some real gems and major releases as a finishing touch for the generation of PS4 and Xbox One. Specifically, the Sony console had exclusives as important as The Last of Us Part IIFinal Fantasy VII Remake and the unexpected Ghost of Tsushima

The Sucker Punch game set in feudal Japan was a great surprise even for Sony itself, who did not expect its enormous success and the good reviews that earned it the Best Game of 2020 for the public. Naoki Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy XVI, thinks the same.

That’s right, the producer of the next Final Fantasy and responsible for Final Fantasy XIV thinks that Ghost of Tsushima was the most impressive game we saw in 2020, and the truth is that the competition was tough.

” Ghost of Tsushima is full of love for the work of Akira Kurosawa. I learned a lot from this game. It impressed me on so many levels” Naoki Yoshida assured in an interview with the Japanese media, 4Gamer.

This PS4 exclusive plunged us into a huge open world as we lived through the gripping story of Jin Sakai, all spiced up with an enviable artistic design, a great soundtrack, and clear influences from the legendary Akira Kurosawa’s samurai cinema

Yoshida was not the only one to praise the goodness of Ghost of Tsushima. A few months ago, the father of the Yakuza saga, Toshihiro Nagoshi, claimed that the title of Sucker Punch for PS4 told a fascinating story, and that I wish there were more video games based on feudal Japan.

While Sony is expected to announce a sequel to this excellent Ghost of Tsushima, Naoki Yoshida works tirelessly on Final Fantasy XVI, the new installment in the JRPG saga that will focus on the single-player experience, returning to the fantastic medieval setting of the first. deliveries.  


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