Firesprite consists of over 250 developers. The developers will develop AAA games for PS5

Firesprite could prove to be a significant enhancement to PlayStation Studios. It is one of the fastest growing teams from Great Britain, which will work on several projects at the same time. The developers were working on 2 AAA games before joining the internal teams.

The name Firesprite may be unfamiliar to some players, but it turns out to be one of the fastest growing teams in the UK. The studio has over 250 developers and was founded by Christopher Dring, the creator of the Wipeout series. The scale of Firesprite is really big as the company has more employees than two other UK PlayStation teams combined – London Studio and Media Molecule.

In an interview with Gamesindustry, Hermen Hulst (head of PlayStation Studios), Christopher Dring (head of Firesprite) and Graeme Ankers (managing director) talked about Firesprite joining PlayStation Studios – this will be a full-fledged big game development team:

“It is just the right time for them to join us and double down on the projects that we’re doing with them. To solidify the relationship and to give them a proper seat at the table where we have formal knowledge exchange with other studios. They already have some strong ties with certain first-party studios, but I want to be clear that we want them to lead the development of several game projects, rather than helping other teams out, even though they have collaborating with us before. “- Hermen Hulst

Even before joining PlayStation, Firesprite was developing two AAA games – a network shooter and a blockbuster adventure game with an ambitious dark story.

“I’d love to be able to talk about [our games] at some point soon. They will be beautiful, amazing universes that players are going to enjoy for years to come, but we can’t talk specifically about what those are or what genre they are in. Everything that we do looks at a different facet, whether that’s an innovation that will hopefully change a genre up, and hopefully you can see that in our previous releases. We will always have that philosophy and carry that desire to bring something new to genre, and maximise whatever the experience is… whether that’s on a technology platform or not. It’s about creating the best experience possible. ”added Graeme Ankers

Developers do not have to focus on VR gameplay, because during the interview, Ankers pointed out that the most important thing for the studio is to use the platform’s features to deliver the “best experience” . The managing director also emphasized that the company was previously also associated with many games that were not related to virtual reality.


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