Forza Horizon 5 with the ultimate PC hardware requirements. The creators betrayed supported steering wheels

Playground Games has published the final information on the hardware requirements of Forza Horizon 5. The production will work even on older PCs, but if you have a monster under the hood, you will easily get to know the adventure at its best. We also got to know the very large size of the game.

Forza Horizon 5 is coming to players in early November, so Playground Games today released the final details about the game for PC. As we expected – the developers will provide different settings, as the game will not only run on the Xbox Series X | S, but will also provide the right experience for owners of previous generation consoles.

Playground Games previously announced that it has easily adapted the position to various devices, because the game on weaker PCs is to resemble playing on the Xbox One, but if we have stronger components, we will feel the quality known from the Xbox Series X | S.

The creators presented extensive hardware requirements and if you want to experience Mexico at its best, you need, for example, Intel i7-10700K, NVIDIA RTX 3080, 16GB of RAM and it is worth noting that in this case it is best to have 110GB of free SSD space.

Here are the details:

We also got to know the supported steering wheels on the PC:

  • Logitech: Driving Force, G25, G27, G29, G920, G923PS, G923XB, Momo
  • Thrustmaster: Ferrari 458, T150 RS, T300 RS, T500 RS, TMX, T-GT, TS-XW, TX, TS-PC
  • Fanatec: V1, V2, V2.5, CSL, CSL DD, DD1, DD2, Universal HUB


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